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Olivier DUFOUR

It's an even worse pity that so few players are concerned about the real mission critical matter of temporal media indexing. The format is a temporary issue : true that it is a pain in the a.. but flash actually does solve a lot of problems, and even without flash, formats transcoding is a technical matter that can be addressed efficiently via technology. It's platforms' job to take care of that, and hiding it to end-users.

What remains critical is that most existing solutions just ignore production assistance and indexing. It ends up in unexploitable contents ; example : I started to listen speakers pre-conf podcats : about 50 podcats 1/2 hour each ! I don't have 25 hours to invest on such a listening. Therefore I don't listen. Even though posts are metatagged, they are so at the level of the podacst itself, and not more precisely at a timecode level within the podcast. The same for video.

That's the reason why huge bandwidth + cheap capture devices + unified formats DON'T solve the equation to see temproal media develop in blogs.

You have to add a "+ indexing" term at the equation to actualy solve the problem.

I had a whish that the blogosphere would be concerned about that at the Les Blogs 2.0 conference, but maybe it's logical that one might capitulate when Western world state budgets + Google and Yahoo financial power together bring no viable solution for indexing existing linear content.

The only issue known, in the state of technology and science as of today is pre-indexing content before capturing content. If you don't care about indexing before capturing, you'll never do it, and if ever you try to, it will turn out into a finacial disaster because costs of post-indexing grows exponentialy after acpture time.



thanks olivier for your comment wich add of course a very important point to my post : indexing content is one of the most important pb to solve

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